Policewoman hit by an urban bus in Mazatlan


An agent of the Municipal Police is injured after being hit by an urban bus on the Castillo route today

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- An agent of the Municipal Police was injured after she was rammed by an urban bus on the Castillo route this morning. The event was recorded minutes before 08:00 hours by the lane south of Gabriel Leyva Avenue, just in El Paso Superior meters before reaching a well-known coffee company.

According to the information obtained at the scene and argued by the driver of the truck, he said that in front of him the municipal agent was traveling aboard a motorcycle, but that from one moment to another he stopped, allegedly by a mechanical failure in your unit.

Seeing this action, he tried to stop his vehicle, but with the wetness of the pavement it was impossible for him to stop the vehicle and he ended up rolling over the agent along with her motorcycle.

The driver descended from his unit to help the police, who had ended up lying on the pavement while requesting the support of the authority.

Dozens of municipal agents approached the scene to support their partner while rescuers arrived.

Finally, a group of paramedics went to the site and gave first aid attention to the agent, and taken to the hospital for specialized medical evaluation.

The municipal traffic staff was responsible for doing the investigation of the road and appointing responsibilities. The unit ended up holding the suspect and taking him to jail pending the resolution of the judge in turn.

Source: el debate

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