Sinaloa: New road to be built from San Ignacio to Tayoltita


It will be the flagship work of the administration of Iván Ernesto Báez Martínez, Mayor of that municipality

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The last stretch of the San Ignacio to Tayoltita highway has already been tendered and will begin to be built in July, said Mayor Iván Ernesto Báez Martínez.

They will build road San Ignacio-Tayoltita

He noted that the length of the entire work is 105 kilometers, however, the missing section is eight kilometers, and will cost 226 million pesos.

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“We are talking about 226 million pesos, it is a good wool and here the Governor is the one who is throwing the package, is the one who is supporting us with this road that is the dream of many people of San Ignacio”, reported Báez Martínez .

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The eight-kilometer work will depart from Tenchoquelite to Toyoltita and will run for three years.

Báez Martínez said the work will trigger tourism in San Ignacio and is part of the works to be carried out within the Municipal Development Plan that will be presented next week.

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“There are several roads that we have contemplated, but now with the movements that are in the Federal Government because it is difficult for me to give an answer of this, we put 929 million pesos in works, they are enough, but the main and the most expensive one is This is going to support the Governor, “he said.

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