Hiring The Right Lawyer; 8 Things To Consider

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Many situations require a lawyer’s services to ensure you have the best chance of a positive resolution. But not all areas of the law are the same, meaning not all lawyers are the same. As such, several things need to be considered when looking for the right lawyer for your needs.

What Are Your Needs

The specialization of the lawyer you’re looking for depends on why you need to hire them. A traffic law specialist is perfect if you have a traffic violation to deal with, but they are less helpful if you have employment issues. Many law offices have several specialists on staff, meaning you can build a relationship with one firm over the years. Fostering such a relationship takes the hassle out of finding a new firm should you require legal advice again later.


Understanding what your lawyer says to you is vital, as is having them listen to your thoughts and concerns. Therefore, good communication is essential in the practice you choose to hire. Meeting with a few lawyers allows you to assess who you feel most comfortable hiring. Use these initial consultations to ask questions about your case and their experience. How they answer will provide a valuable snapshot of how effectively both parties communicate with each other.

Member Of The Community

Each community has its quirks and customs that don’t translate well in a general legal sense. Looking for a law firm that understands your community gives you a bridge between two worlds, providing you with fair, sympathetic representation. In California, the Fontes Law Group, Riverside branch stands up for fellow Hispanic community members in various legal services. Because the staff comes from this community, speaks Spanish, and are experts in their areas of law, clients have the best chance of a positive result.

People Skills

A pleasant bedside manner is essential regardless of how good a lawyer is at explaining legal jargon in layperson’s terms or understanding their client’s community. Most people looking for legal representation or advice do so at a time of heightened emotions. A good law professional can always deal with clients in a calm, sympathetic, and non-condescending manner. Whether you’re writing a will, applying for power of attorney for a sick parent, or fighting unfair dismal at work, you want a lawyer who treats you well.


Many elements of legal processes take a lot of time to happen, especially if there’s little follow-up. A good lawyer is proactive at following up with other parties, ensuring things keep moving at a reasonable pace. In nearly two dozen states, a lawyer is required when buying a house, meaning a tenacious one will have you moving in as soon as possible. Simple or complex, it’s the kind of person you want dealing with your legal issues so that they get resolved as fast as possible and you can move on with your life.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving often requires creative thinking rather than following the logical thought path. Successful lawyers must display this skill to win tough cases where the solution isn’t always obvious. Knowing that the professional with your future in their hands is willing and able to look at the facts from multiple angles and use various resources is reassuring.  

Look At Reviews

As knowledge is power, gathering all available information before making such an important decision is helpful. A great service provider attracts excellent reviews, and many independent review sites are available online. Looking at a couple of these sites lets you check out what past clients thought of any law firms you’re considering.

If you know anyone with personal experience with local law firms, asking them about their experience is another good way to get a feel for them. Unlike online reviews, you can ask questions to verify or expand on the information given. This feedback is helpful if there are discrepancies in other reviews. It may also provide a tiebreak between two equally excellent-sounding firms.

Who’s Actually Representing You?

Some firms advertise themselves in such a way prospective clients believe they’ll be represented in court by the top lawyer. The reality is that you’ll often find a junior staff member in charge of your case and providing guidance. Firms who are upfront about this let you make an informed decision about whether you’re happy to proceed or not.

When you gather all the information about your different options, you can build a good picture of which lawyer is right for you and your needs.

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