The Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels seek fair airfares for Mazatlan


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels has ‘raised its hand’ to be an ally of Mazatlán and accompany it in managing fair airfares for the sun and sand tourist destination.

Juan José Fernández Carrillo, outgoing president of the organization, recognized that air travel to the port is expensive compared to other parts of the country, for which he recommended that local authorities act in conjunction with the tourism sector and offered his support through of the Association of Tres Islas Hotels based in Mazatlán.

“I have to admit that flying to Mazatlán is expensive. The state government and all tourism sectors will have to make a great effort to try to negotiate, ask the federal government to support them so that the tickets have a fair price. – Can the association that you preside promote? Be a manager? – Well, we do it together with, here, the Hotel Association, together with the Ministry of Tourism, with the municipality. All together, if they also ask us for our support, we go together and we will accompany them to do this work, request support “

He specified that this also has to do with the fact that, unlike traveling in other countries, in Mexico it is expensive to do so because the airline industry is going through problems of high costs in jet fuel, fuel and other inputs, which makes organizations international companies rate the national territory low, making the sector more expensive.

Fernández Carrillo pointed out that in addition to expensive airfares, the tourism sector and in particular the hotel industry at the national level, faces the challenge of having to keep up to date with services after the pandemic and competing against vacation rentals in apartments or with lodging that offer applications, which do not always have the quality standards or prevention protocols for guest safety, as formal hotels have.


The Mazatlan Post