Oh my Mazatlan! Culiacán will be the ‘Magic Neighborhood’ of Sinaloa


The Secretary of Tourism, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, reported the federal program originally contemplates the capitals of the states.

ROSARIO.- Not always. The proposal for “Magic Neighborhoods” in Sinaloa is not Mazatlán, but Culiacán, reported the Secretary of Tourism, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

He mentioned that the original idea of ​​the Federal Sectur program is to exalt the state capitals with this type of project, hence the proposal for Culiacán, without ruling out Mazatlán for later.

This, after Miguel Torruco Marqués reported that the Historic Center of Mazatlán would be the first “Magic Neighborhood” in Mexico.

“There was surely confusion, what we asked for, as it was the national line, that the first Magical District in Sinaloa be the state capital, our project is that it be Culiacan,” he declared.

Benítez Torres pointed out that, without a doubt, the Historic Center of Mazatlán is to be recognized and used to promote it for tourism, but the idea is also to turn Culiacán into the capital of convention and business tourism.

“The intention is to make Culiacán the capital of convention and business tourism, which is what it really leaves behind… Only three municipalities covered with this call, Ahome, Culiacán and Mazatlán, but the ideal is for it to be the capital,” he said.

“Magic Neighborhoods” is a program of the Ministry of Tourism at the federal level; It was this week that the secretary Miguel Torruco Marqués informed that Mazatlán would be the first of this program in Sinaloa.

To carry it out, it was explained that the resource is shared, 50 percent from the Federation and the other 50 percent from the State or the municipality; In this, facades are painted and murals are made that reflect the history of the place.

The state official added that it will be the Federal Sectur who decides which city of Sinaloa will be the beneficiary of the program and that they may decide for the following year.

“It was missing a lot”, Benítez Torres on Riviera Mazatlán

When asked his opinion about the Mazatlán Riviera project, a project that he himself promoted as mayor of Mazatlán and that was even presented at the International Tourism Fair, the now secretary, expressed that much remains to be done to carry it out.

“No, it’s that it costs a lot of money to do it,” he added.

And it is that, he added, it is the construction of roads and bridges from Escuinapa and other details that are uniting the southern municipalities with each other to move this project forward.

Source: punto.mx

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