Mazatlan: Taxi driver who crashed with pulmonia charged with homicide and negligence


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- At the disposal of the public prosecutor of the common jurisdiction Specialized in Common Procedure was the red eco-taxi driver who participated in a car accident that was registered on the avenida del mar on Thursday. 
The person was identified by the municipal authorities as Hilario N of 43 years, who is in the hands of the competent authority for the crimes of homicide and negligent damages.

It was around 11:50 hours when personnel from the Municipal Public Security Secretariat was alerted about the accident they observed in detail through the video surveillance cameras. 
Police personnel continuously monitored the events and was the one who kept the elements of the municipal and traffic police informed about the events that took place at the site where the driver of a pulmonia, unfortunately, was killed. Héctor Octavio Nieto, 41 years old.

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The municipal authorities urge citizens to drive with responsibility, that is, not to exceed the speed limits, respect the pedestrian and the cyclist, as well as avoid driving while intoxicated and thus avoid legal problems that could lead to loss of freedom or life. To report emergencies or request support from the Municipal Police, dial 911 or 986 81 26, both numbers are open 24 hours a day.

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