An earthquake of 4.4 degrees is recorded in Mazatlan


It is the first earthquake recorded in February and so far no damage has been reported.

Sinaloa. – The first earthquake in February was recorded in the port of Mazatlan 

; It was 4.4 degrees and number 30 of the year 2022 in Sinaloa, which continues to show constant movements. 

The first of the month has arrived!  It registers 4.4 degrees in Mazatlan

After a brief pause, the event occurred at 2:58 p.m. on Friday, February 4, 223 kilometers southwest of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, and had a depth of 7 kilometers, according to the catalog of the National Seismological Service.

The 30th tremor of the year has not been the most intense that has been marked in the agency’s catalog of earthquakes, but it was very close since on January 8 one of 4.5 degrees occurred 113 kilometers southwest of Guasave. 

Sinaloa continues to stand out with constant events, but fortunately and as specialists have indicated, this is favorable since the energy is released, avoiding a larger event. 

So far, none of the 30 registered cases have reported damage, tsunami alerts, or incidents among the population, most of whom have not felt these movements. 

The first of the month has arrived!  An earthquake of 4.4 degrees is recorded in Mazatlan

What is an earthquake?

An earthquake is a sudden breaking of rocks inside the Earth. This sudden release of energy spreads in the form of waves that cause the ground to move.

The magnitude of an earthquake is related to the energy released in the form of seismic waves that propagate through the ground. To calculate this energy and determine the magnitude of an earthquake, mathematical calculations are made based on the records obtained by seismographs from different stations. In these records or seismograms, the maximum amplitude of the waves and the distance of the station from the epicenter are measured. These values ​​are entered into a formula, thus obtaining the magnitude.

An earthquake contains both types of motion at all times. Seismic waves propagate in all directions, causing ground movement both horizontally and vertically. 

  • In places near the epicenter, the vertical component of the movement is greater than the horizontal ones and the movement is said to be trepidatory. 
  • However, as they travel, the components of the seismic waves are attenuated and when they reach a soft ground, such as that of Mexico City, the horizontal components are amplified and the movement is said to be oscillatory.


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