Mazatlan hotels register 70% occupancy for Carnival 2022


Reservations have been good for quite some time, they haven’t gone up, but they haven’t gone down either. Remain

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – Reservations in hotel rooms for the dates on which the Mazatlan Carnival is celebrated have been good for quite some time, they have not gone up, but they have gone down so little, admitted the Commercial and Marketing Manager of the Pueblo Bonito hotel, José Rosario Gámez Valley.

“Reservations have been good for Carnival for quite some time, they haven’t gone up, but they haven’t gone down either. Remain. We are the same as in 2019 in the occupation, which is great,” he said.

Gámez Valle commented that, with respect to the occupancy of rooms on the days of the maximum party of Mazatlecos, some hotels are at 70 percent, others no longer have the maximum space allowed.

Regarding the current occupation, he recognized that the first days of January are always lazy, so they should be at 50 or 60 percent, which is what happens in the winter season.

“We are talking about averaging, one weekend it goes up, during the week it goes down and so on,” he added.

Regarding the realization of the International Carnival of Mazatlán, he said that in this matter one has to be very responsible when making a decision and it is something that falls to the authorities.

“It is not from us; make the best decision. It would be very unfair to be able to say that it is done because I would be broadcasting something not based on health situations, you have to be very objective and the authorities will rule at the time, but so far nothing has been said, “he explained.


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