Sinaloa de Leyva restrictions lowered the number of visitors this weekend by 40%


Young people are reluctant to abide by them!

There is no longer a zip line, access to the suspension bridges, or catamaran rides; but visitors can enjoy the gastronomy

Sinaloa de Leyva zip line

The official specified that an inspection operation was set up to enforce the measures and, as always, the authorities’ headache is the behavior of young people who resist complying with health regulations.

The boardwalk was closed at 8:00 p.m. and many young people did not want to leave despite the presence of the corporations that were supporting the operation.

malecón de sinaloa de leyva

“We visit all the businesses to give them the measures that we are going to take and we have been closing the Malecón at 8:00 at night, as was said from the beginning.”

And did the flow of visitors drop?

Yes, it did go down, more or less by 40 percent, unfortunately, the young people are the ones who give us the most problems when we are going to close the Malecón, it is the young people who are there who lead everything, as always”, lament.

The director of Civil Protection of the Alteño municipality stressed that although there were no arrests, it is always the same problem with the youth.

In the case of businesses and restaurants, there was no need to emphasize the importance of complying with the measures, since it was already being taken.

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He regretted that this has caused a drop in visitors, however, he reiterated that although tourist attractions were closed, families can enjoy the gastronomy of the municipality of Sinaloa, complying with sanitary measures.

If the number of active cases increases, tightening the restrictive measures further is not ruled out, but that will be in the hands of the authorities through the Municipal Health Council.


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