Learn about the 4 traditional desserts and drinks in Mazatlan


Mazatlan is a beautiful port recognized and everyone’s favorite, it has unparalleled beauty, its landscapes and sunsets are unique, as well as its warm and friendly people. But another of the most wonderful things is all its gastronomy, and among them stands out a variety of desserts and drinks so traditional that both citizens and tourists cannot stop trying them.

Nieve de garrafa

It is a 100% handmade ice cream due to its manual elaboration; It was made in bottles and wooden buckets, the mixture is made with natural fruits, nuts and these can be based on water or milk depending on the desired flavor, this mixture is beaten in the bottle with a crank and the snow stuck in the edges is removed with a shovel and in this way a perfect carafe is obtained. With cheese, plum, strawberry, vanilla or chocolate, carafe ice cream is one of the cravings that can be enjoyed at any time of the year in Mazatlan.


They are Mazatlan sweets or are also known as coconut chocolates. It is a traditional sweet from the pearl of the Pacific. This product has more than 60 years of tradition in Mazatlan and has become a coveted sweet. The soft ones are chocolate with a coconut flavor and are characterized by having a smooth consistency, hence the name.


Burnt milk, tamarind, plum, among others, are the flavors of the rich raspados offered at different stalls in the streets of the city. We recommend you visit the ones in the Glorieta Sánchez Taboada, the ones that sell there are from the original recipe for the raspados de Concordia.


In this hot season in Mazatlan, there is a drink that both tourists and locals look for it in the streets of the city in order to cool off and catch their breath; It is the traditional Tejuino drink made from fermented corn, prepared with ice, lemon, a touch of salt and baking soda, such a perfect and refreshing mix.

Source: vamonosamazatlan.com.mx

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