Do you want to get in shape? Check out these places in Mazatlan to do it outdoors


The best thing is that you can do your exercise routines without worrying about the healthy distance.

MAZATLAN.- Do you want to fulfill your resolutions for the year, but do not want to attend a gym due to covid-19? Don’t worry, there are no excuses not to get in shape, since in our port there are different public spaces where you can do your exercise routines without worrying about keeping a healthy distance. 

In most of them, you can enjoy the view of the sea and nature.  

Here is a list of the best outdoor places to exercise in Mazatlan 

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If you want to do some outdoor exercise like walking, jogging or running. There is no better place than the famous boardwalk. From Valentinos to the Lighthouse they add up to 8 kilometers, where you can exercise without problems while contemplating the beauty of the beaches and the wonderful sunsets of Mazatlan.  

The ideal is to go during the mornings from 5:00 to 8:00 in the morning or in the afternoon to avoid ultraviolet rays.  

Exercise and good eyesight? Without a doubt the best option. 


El Faro is the ideal place to exercise, take unforgettable pictures, enjoy the beauty of the city and the port of Mazatlan from above. To reach the top, you first have to walk a path of 745 meters, after that the real journey begins: climb 336 steps, do you dare?  

The opening hours of El Faro are from 5:00 in the morning to 8:00 p.m., but BEWARE, it is advisable to go up at times when ultraviolet rays are not so strong, for example, in the morning or late at night.  

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What should you bring? 

  • wear sports shoes  
  • Protect the skin with sunscreen application 
  • stay hydrated  
  • Make use of caps, hats and umbrellas.  

We remind you that it is important that if you feel fatigued or any other symptom that makes you feel tired, you take short breaks to get air and water. 

Sister Cities Park:  

This place was created with the purpose that both tourists and locals have at their disposal one more point to carry out various activities of a recreational and social nature in a pleasant way. This incredible space has different spaces, such as: children’s play area, outdoor gym, green areas, picnic area with adequate facilities with tables and chairs.  

In addition to these areas, the park has an esplanade where it is customary to hold yoga, dance and other sports training classes. Best of all, it’s pet-friendly, so you can exercise and walk your dog at the same time.  

Central Park:  

Exercising outdoors certainly helps us do many things, including reducing stress, what better way to do it! In the renovated Parque Central Mazatlán you can find the perfect combination between a space to exercise and to relax.  

Parque Central has 6,620 meters of walkways and trails surrounded by trees, a 2,800-meter bike path, a modern lakefront route with walkways, all ready to begin fulfilling our resolutions for the year. But that’s not all, it also has 5 classrooms for educational workshops where yoga and Zumba classes can be taught, and an esplanade of 2,230 square meters for events and concerts.  

The hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and admission is free.  

Linear park:  

The Linear Park is a multipurpose space that covers more than 5.7 kilometers. There are 2 bike lanes plus an exclusive lane for walking, running, or jogging. Sports fan? It has courts to play basketball, outdoor gym equipment, esplanades where people can take Zumba classes, yoga, and other sports activities.  

Is it pet-friendly? The park has a play area exclusively for dogs. The area has a lot of vegetation and a red cross booth in case an accident occurs. This is undoubtedly one of the best places to exercise and spend a pleasant afternoon with your family.  

North Beach Gym:  

This outdoor gym is located in one of the most emblematic places that the port has, both to exercise and to have a good time or simply enjoy beautiful sunsets: North Beach. 

The space has gym equipment to exercise the arms, abdomen, and back. This space is more visited by the male public because they hold bar contests.  

Cycle Routes:  

Can you imagine touring the entire boardwalk by bicycle? Now it is possible! Mazatlan has had an important evolution in many aspects and one that arrived was the introduction of bike path circuits that cross different areas of the port, especially the tourist area.  

Cycle paths in Mazatlan: 

  • Paseo Claussen  
  • Avenida del Mar 
  • Camarón Sábalo 
  • Rafael Buelna  
  • Parque Lineal  
  • Gutiérrez Nájera


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