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Our smartphones are on all the time these days – yet there are pretty good reasons why you should turn your phone off. But for sure not if you are in the middle of playing Bet22.

Many smartphones run around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is not good at all – neither for users: inside, for the environment, nor for the smartphone.


1. switch off the cell phone: because it is more sustainable (and saves electricity)

We don’t use our phones at all during the night. Nevertheless, most of us are now too comfortable to turn off our cell phones. As a result, the cell phone runs between a third to a half of the day (the week, the year…) without being used!

Of course, the connection to the cell tower is still maintained, so the battery drains faster this way. That’s why we end up having to charge it more often – and the higher number of charging cycles per time in turn reduces the smartphone’s lifespan.

Because many people replace their cell phones when the permanently installed battery goes on strike, this ultimately ensures that we buy new cell phones more quickly – and only because we leave them switched on every night.

Remedy: Switch off the cell phone at night. Or at least activate flight mode… If you use your cell phone as an alarm clock, you can use a conventional alarm clock instead – best to buy a used one to conserve resources.

2. switch off smartphone: because it is safer

We use constantly changing apps on our phones, for that matter on our PCs. These programs create temporary data that keeps accumulating. At some point, the phone becomes slower and/or more unstable – and many are familiar with the phenomenon that a reboot fixes occasional problems.

Also, the apps that run on our smartphones are constantly being updated. However, it is not that easy to replace apps while they are running. Therefore, many updates only take place when we restart. At the same time, updates are necessary because they make the browser more secure against malware, for example, and much more.

3. switch off the cell phone: because it is more comfortable

Always be reachable? Do we really have to? If we all feel so stressed already, wouldn’t it be smarter to just turn off some stressors?

Talking to each other instead of just looking at your cell phone. That’s another good reason to turn off your cell phone. 

Evidence has long been accumulating that constantly hanging out on your smartphone can shorten your life and lead to depression. So take happy pills and keep typing away – or just turn off your phone?

Turn off your smartphone – because of the radiation.

Our smartphones radiate, even when we are not using them. The extent of the radiation and the consequences of it are very controversial, there is no real agreement yet. However, experts advise us to keep the radiation as low as possible.

And it’s quite simple: Switch off the smartphone = zero radiation. Then, and only then, can the cell phone lie beside the bed without worrying? Flight mode is less effective in comparison because most smartphones still emit radiation. The BfS also advises keeping personal exposure to electromagnetic fields low as a precaution.

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