Dismissals and appointments in the Mazatlán City Council after the arrival of the new mayor


The new mayor has made a series of changes in paramunicipalities and dependencies to form his cabinet, which he assured would be plural.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- After assuming the municipal presidency of Mazatlán, Edgar Augusto González Zatarain made a series of changes in different para-municipal and City Hall dependencies to form his cabinet, which he assured would be plural.

Some changes were forced, such as the dismissal of the officials who made up the Acquisitions Committee for being involved in the Luminarias case. Others because they flat out did not give results in their functions and some more because of different accusations against them for irregularities in their performance.

key positions

González Zataráin left the vacancy of Secretary of the City Council, which was filled by Rafael Mendoza Zatarain; in the Treasury, Javier Alarcón Lizárraga left and Melesio Montoya Peinado entered, and in the Mayor’s Office, Nayla Velarde Narváez, was dismissed so that Verenice Oleta Benítez could occupy the position.


Osbaldo López Ángulo resigned from the general management of Jumapam and José Manuel Tostado Hernández was appointed head of the paramunicipal.

Raúl Rico González returned to the Municipal Institute of Culture, after José Ángel Tostado Quevedo was fired for financial mismanagement.

Brenda Sarabia Borboa left the direction of the Municipal DIF System for Armida Hernández Lara to assume the position, while María Teresa Apodaca Muñoz, wife of González Zataráin, assumed the presidency of the DIF Board of Trustees.

María del Carmen Ramírez Morales was removed from her position as head of IMMUJER to join as general director of Sipinna, while Emma Rodríguez Choreño filled the vacancy.

Some appointments include characters who at the time were opponents and critics of Benítez Torres. Photo: Fausto McConegly | The Sun of Mazatlan


The Public Services dependency was left without a director since before the arrival of Edgar Augusto, David Ibarra Olmeda was fired for poor performance, and the controversial “buchona party “, in his place the architect Karla Camacho Guzmán was appointed.

Jorge Estavillo Kelly left the direction of Sustainable Urban Development Planning and Wenceslao Paúl Galindo Maldonado was appointed as the new head, with the task of establishing order regarding the growth of the city.

José Carlos González assumed the direction of Housing and Land Tenure, a position that was held by Iliana Denisse Millán Valdez .

Simón Malpica Hernández left the position of Public Security to begin his retirement process, and Jaime Othoniel Barrón Valdez assumed the position.

Other appointments

Cristian Lizárraga Félix was appointed in charge of Legal Affairs; Antonia Jasso was appointed as Director of Expenditures; Giovanna Cecilia Juárez Cárdenas is the new deputy director of Commerce; Juan de Dios Mendoza López, will occupy the Deputy Directorate of Public Services and Leticia López Medrano, as head of Public Relations.

Will there be more changes?

The changes within the City Council will continue to confirm the cabinet of Edgar Augusto González Zatarain and everything seems to indicate, he even mentioned it, that the next move will be in the Department of Ecology and Environment.

The Mazatlan Post