Mazatlan exceeds its annual investment goal


Mazatlan, Sin.- The economic investment goal of 15 billion pesos planned for this year was already exceeded in Mazatlan with 1,500 million pesos and this is due to the fact that Mazatlan businessmen are contributing to the development of this destination.

Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, head of the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries, stated that without a doubt this is the decade of Mazatlan, referring that until last October the objective had already been exceeded when reaching 16.5 billion pesos.

He commented that in the port there are more than 150 real estate developments that are being built, of which there are 13 hotels, which will represent almost 20% of the rooms that are currently available.

Currently in Mazatlan there are 13,500 rooms, both lodging centers and vacation rentals.

“This year we set a goal of 15 billion pesos of private investment, and at the end of October we already reached 16.5 billion pesos, so we are already 8 percent above the goal we had set ,” he said. .

Velarde Cárdenas stated that Mazatlán is an atypical phenomenon at the national level, because it must be remembered that it is coming from a pandemic that hit the tourism and economic sector quite hard not only in Mexico, but the world, but it was managed to turn it around in a way very positive.

“One of the main challenges that we have in the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism is the attraction of new investments, but especially hotel chains, because it must be mentioned, Mazatlan is no longer a temporary vacation destination,” he said .

Marina District

The head of the Sedectur pointed out that the investment in Mazatlan takes place throughout the city. One of those places is the Marina district, which will be a big trigger.

” Believe me, Marina is going to be a great detonator, hotels are opening, car dealerships, two shopping malls are coming. Without a doubt, the only way to measure the confidence and security that exists in a port is that businessmen continue to invest “, concluded.

The Mazatlan Post