Will Mazatlans Organic Market Return?


Dairy products, fruits, vegetables, proteins, flowers, plants, spices, clothing, that and more is what has been seen in previous editions of the Organic Market.

MAZATLAN.- One of the events that little by little has caught the attention of Mazatlecos is the Organic Market, which, although we know it takes place on these dates, still does not have a confirmed date for its opening.  

However, to give you a little insight into what the Organic Market is, here we explain it to you, in which they let us know what its twelfth edition would be.  


The idea was born approximately 12 years ago with the Mazatlecan Verónica Rico and the American, Janet Blaser, initially, as a way to highlight the activity of the Historic Center, to encourage people to visit its public spaces, in this case the Plazuela Zaragoza. Thus it was born with at least 10 merchants.  

It consists of a space in the heart of Plazuela Zaragoza, where around 28 stores are installed and offer products made in a natural and fresh way, products of the day to eat in a more ecological and healthy way, and at affordable prices precisely to promote small producers and of the region.  

Little by little they have gained popularity, especially from the foreign community that comes to Mazatlán every year and spends a few months as residents, but always looking for more Mazatlecos to join and consume what people from El Quelite, Barras de Piaxtla, the Meseta Cacaxtla and even Nayarit has to offer.  

What can you find? 

You will find from proteins such as chicken, meat, eggs, they also sell dairy products such as milk and its derivatives; seasonal vegetables and fruits, such as lettuce, green beans, carrots, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, squash, jicama, avocados, bell peppers, chiles, mangoes, and plantains.  

Also spices such as cilantro, parsley, basil, thyme, pumpkin flower, artisanal bread and ice cream, microgreens flowers, that is, edible, as well as kombucha and crafts, to complement.  

Also breakfasts based on ingredients from the same market, and can be accompanied with delicious coffee. There are dances, music, and talks aimed at organics, too, one or another cooked with chefs who teach you how to include good food in the kitchen.  

You must bring your reusable containers or bags 

One of its tasks is to consume less plastic, hence the initiative for the consumer to go to the square with their own containers and bags and, if they do not bring them, paper or cardboard bags are used, in order to also raise awareness. With this initiative they have been applying it for 3 years.  

Although there is no confirmed date for the Organic Market to return, it is known that it is this month in November, therefore, follow its social networks so that you are aware of its opening 2022-2023. 

The Mazatlan Post