MazConciencia places cigarette butt containers along Mazatlan coast


They will be placed along the coastal promenade, from the pier to Isla de la Piedra to Playa Norte.

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MAZATLAN.- Repeat with us, the cigarette butt is also garbage, so, in this vacation period, throw it in the deposits that they placed throughout the coastal promenade, there will be more than 30.

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This initiative was promoted by the activist Sofía Trejo, president of MazConciencia, along with more people concerned about the beaches of Mazatlan, especially during these vacations.

“Today we placed 31 containers along the Paseo del Centenario, Olas Altas and Playa Norte. If you see them out there, use them, ”said Sofía on her social networks.

Each cigarette butt that you place inside the container will prevent around 50 liters of water from becoming contaminated since you add to this the containers, disposables, and other garbage that have been found in the different cleanings.

It is not the first time that cigarette butts have been deposited, in previous vacation periods, in the beginning, they had carried out this initiative, some still survive, such as those on Quirino Ordaz Coppel avenue.

The also biologist explained that recyclable material was used for its preparation, which was donated by Mazatlan companies such as Café el Marino and PMA de Mazatlán, in addition, other activists such as Ignacio Zatarain, known as “the garbage diver”, and students participated. of the Technological Institute of Mazatlan.

If you go to the beach these days, do not forget that part of the responsibility is that we are clean, as this is a fundamental requirement for ours to continue with the corresponding health certifications and that makes us a friendlier and more reliable destination. , above others.

Tips to take care of the environment and enjoy the beach

-Bring your own reusable dishes
-Avoid Styrofoam, bring your own cups or thermos, they are in fashion lately
-Use biodegradable products, there are already plates, cups and bags
-Don’t forget to collect everything and put it in the trash cans

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