Digital platforms ‘steal’ business from hoteliers in Mexico, Mazatlan fights back


La Perla del Pacífico notes that of the 13,000 rooms that make up the hotel structure, there is 45% of the offer that is offered at a lower cost, without them paying the taxes set by the tourism law.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The hotel sector of the main tourist centers of Mexico, and where Mazatlán does not escape it, increasingly faces and lives in the face of unfair competition due to the excessive growth of digital applications for renting rooms, and that it is necessary for regularization by law, considered Guillermo Romero Rodríguez.

The general secretary of the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism, cited the port of Mazatlan as an example, where this illegality adds up to almost 6,000 rented rooms, whether at home or apartments, which represents 45 percent of the 13 thousand that make up the hotel offer, hence the importance of paying attention,

“There are units right now, we are talking with the hoteliers who had a meeting, because that hits us a lot with the formal sector and the hotel sector, and Mazatlan is reaching almost 6 thousand housing units, but they are not legal, they are not they are registered with the Treasury, that they do not pay taxes, that they do not pay the promotion tax, that they do not pay the lodging tax, and that they do not pay ISR, why do we call them informal, or illegal, because they are outside the legality”.

Romero Rodríguez said that the most worrying thing is that these services have been growing when they do not cover taxes like hoteliers, and only pay property taxes or water as a home, and from there, there is unfair competition for entrepreneurs in the tourism industry. .

It was pronounced because soon the local Congress and the municipal authorities themselves take action on the matter, which has already been exposed, but at the national level, there is also a search for a reform of the Tourism Law to stop these businesses that are exploited in digital platforms.


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