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Island of sargassum approaches the coast of Quintana Roo

The Sargasso Monitoring Network of Cancun announced through its Facebook the arrival of a huge cluster of microalgae.

Workers clean sargasso beaches (Photo: Sectur Quintana Roo)

The Sargasso Monitoring Network of Cancun announced through its Facebook page that “an important accumulation of sargassum has been concentrated during the last two weeks to the west of the Caribbean island of Jamaica”, warning of a new wave of microalgae in the coasts of the region.

The network post also highlighted that “this large ‘sargasso stain’ measures more than 550 kilometers in diameter and is almost 1000kms. away from the coasts of Quintana Roo “.

He also warns that “due to the prevailing currents and the direction of the southeasterly winds, it is expected to reach our coasts during the next week”.

In this sense, it was argued that “medium to high intensity landings are expected in practically the entire coast of Quintana Roo, affecting mainly the central and southern region of the state, with the most affected coastline being the 260 kilometers of coastline between Tulum and Xcalak in the southern part, border with Belize. “

For its part, the Mexican government said that the sargasso issue is being addressed as a “state problem” and without hiring private companies.

It was during a press conference with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Cancún, where the Secretary of the Navy, José Rafael Ojeda, specified that there are 995 kilometers of coast affected, but he assured that the sargasso “is not a problem, it is a situation” which occurs in several countries.

In this regard, Ojeda explained that “not everything is money, because unfortunately in the past six years, it is not because we talked about the past, but a lot of money was invested, everything was contracts, everything was compromised and that you lived it and you know that solved the problem. “

Also, the Ministry of the Navy announced that it will build a kind of barriers with its own technology, in addition to acquiring other devices to face a plague.

Many losses

The plague of the microalgae that has been hitting the coast of Quintana Roo began to generate significant losses in the hotel sector of that sector of the Mexican Caribbean since in the first five months of the year there was a fall in occupation due to the plague, violence, and lack of promotion.

In this sense, he was the president of the Association of Hotels of the Riviera Maya (AHRM), Conrad Bergwerf, who explained to the EFE agency that in the first five months of 2019 there has been “an unfortunately negative impact” with a “6 percent less occupation in the area “compared to the same period in 2018, he said.

At the end of 2018, Quintana Roo accounted for 102,890 hotel rooms, of which 41,416 correspond to Cancún and Puerto Morelos; 46,969 to the Riviera Maya and the rest of other destinations from Chetumal to Holbox.

What if AMLO had said that we are in a “very bad” situation because of the Sargasso?

The fanatical defenders of the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador, say that journalists related to the old regime do not see well, that is, any criticism that is made is because we are of that group and we are against it.

And when those same journalists wrote against and exhibited the previous governments they were just journalists, of course, everything depends on which side you are on, whether you are opposition or government.

Before the statement of Lopez Obrador about the Sargasso, “is not a very serious situation” said in his speech there was a great disappointment, many expected that his presence in the state would mean solutions to one of the biggest problems that afflict us and that It can be a determining factor in the future of the number one tourist destination in Latin America.

Instead, he dismissed it, did not give importance, it was like the tourist promotion, in the past there was corruption in the management of resources, then now there is nothing. 

Everything is handled by the Navy, which plans to put up barriers and bring “sargasero” boats, the first will arrive in two months, and will also repair one that was left in the Pacific.

I wonder how not to question that the federal authority does not give importance to this issue, should we applaud the decision, not to point out that it is worrying that everything is left to the state and municipal governments that spend a good part of their resources in efforts of cleaning, but not of solution, because that implies greater expenses and they are in another scope. ( Abandon AMLO to the Mexican Caribbean in the face of the sargasso crisis, “it’s not very serious”: he says ).

But what would have happened if the President of Mexico had pointed out that it was a “very serious” situation, well, in that case with the same statements would have multiplied the displeasure, but I think that accepting that there is a serious problem, and offering solutions would have left happy to all.

We already have 5 boats, we start in 1 month, there will be resources to pay for the cleaning of the beaches, the scientists continue with the studies, we will not let the sargassum win the battle, we will be at the top of the Sargasso on the 27th to work together with all affected countries, and seek joint solutions. Was it too much to ask?

Source: noticaribe, forbes mx, nitu.mx

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