Mexico says Goodbye to the PIN ?, now you will use your fingerprint in the bank


More than 12 million Banorte customers will have to identify themselves by means of their digital fingerprint since the bank implemented biometric verification in more than one thousand 100 branches.

With the innovation program in its security mechanisms, from any branch, the clients of the bank will be able to corroborate their identity online, comparing their fingerprint and the data of their credential to vote against the databases of the National Electoral Institute (INE) .

According to the bank, this process facilitates and streamlines customer services, protects their identity and prevents the impact on their resources.

From now on, established the financial institution in a statement, the fingerprint will be necessary when customers request an account opening; consumer loans; hiring or cancellation of digital banking; application, replacement or delivery of a credit or debit card; assignation of telephone service key or modification of general data, such as change of address and email.

“With this innovation we will improve the customer experience and increase the security of operations, thus contributing to the strengthening of the financial system from the Banorte branches. We are and will continue to be an ally of Mexicans, “said Marcos Ramírez Miguel, general director of Grupo Financiero Banorte.

The bank established that in case the client does not have an INE-IFE credential, he or she must present two valid official IDs, such as the passport and the professional identification card.


According to VeriTran, data security and identity protection are the main requirements that a user seeks when trusting confidential information to different institutions, even more so when it comes to financial organizations, due to the sensitivity of the data that they are handled in these cases.

These needs can be solved through the implementation of authentication technologies such as biometrics, which allows the user to access their sessions and information by registering their voice, fingerprints or iris, ensuring that the person really is who they say they are.

“The implementation of these biometric solutions in banking provides benefits such as fraud prevention and identity theft in financial services, where the most sensitive personal information is managed.

In addition, it offers the possibility of virtually accessing services that, otherwise, should be performed in a physical branch, such as bank account onboarding.

With the capture of fingerprints, voice and a digital signature of the user, the operations are shielded to one hundred percent, in addition, it is an efficient way to check that there are no erroneous data, duplicated information, “says the company’s leading company in digital banking and payments solutions.

Source: dineroenimagen

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