An armed pursuit unfolded in Pradera Dorada 6, Mazatlán, where Mexican Army personnel responded to an attack by armed civilians.


In an attempt to escape, the assailants threw spike strips (ponchallantas) on the road.

According to witnesses and the damaged vehicles with these sharp objects, the military elements were chasing the occupants of a black Sierra k Ranger-type truck along Santa Rosa Avenue. Before reaching the intersection with Monte Ribereño Avenue, the assailants deployed dozens of spike strips to flee in that direction.

Gunshots were heard during the chase. The military truck ended up with a punctured front right tire, and a red Dodge Attitude car had a tire punctured by one of the spikes.

The pursuing military vehicle fired two shots into the air near a taqueria, but it had to slow down as the assailants also threw spike strips on Monte Ribereño Avenue.

After the incident, the military and the damaged car had to change their tires. Over 200 spike strips were collected by the soldiers. About 200 meters back on Santa Rosa Avenue, other military personnel were gathering these sharp objects in buckets.

Another armored vehicle arrived at the scene to reinforce the spike strip collection operation¹.

Source: Linea Directa