The Golden Zone will be “fortified” after the shooting attack on an Canadian in Mazatlán


Mayor Édgar González Zataráin acknowledged that such incidents do affect the destination’s image.

In the port of Mazatlán, specifically in the Golden Zone, strict security measures have been taken, and the area will essentially be “fortified” by the Municipal Police elements.

This comes after the shooting attack suffered by an Canadian citizen during a robbery last Monday, reported Édgar González Zataráin, who expressed his concern about this criminal surge.

The president of Mazatlán recognized the seriousness of these events, noting that the recent calm regarding robberies and assaults has been interrupted by at least two incidents in the last few hours.

In response to this situation, there was a change of commander in the area, and the Secretary of Public Security, Otoniel Barrón Valdés, was ordered to reinforce surveillance in that area and redouble efforts to prevent similar future events.

“The first thing that was done was to change the commander of that sector because he had already been warned by the Secretary of Public Security. Security is reinforced with that fact, it should not be like this, but the city is very large, just as it has been hitting us there, in other places it has already improved, we must not let go of this issue, we have to be on top of them and give citizens the guarantee that a lot of work has to be done, unfortunately, we would like there to be not even one, we consider this as a surge and we have to pay a lot of attention to this.”

González Zataráin emphasized the importance of the collaboration of the Municipal Police, who have precise knowledge of the critical points where criminal acts are concentrated; among them, he highlighted the sectors of Santa Fe and Fraccionamiento Santa Teresa as the main red spots.

“They know where the incidents are, there are no more excuses, they have patrols, elements, more than 100 elements have arrived, we can no longer have those excuses,” he said.

The attack on the Canadian tourist residing in Mazatlán undoubtedly motivated local authorities to intensify patrols and security operations, with the firm purpose of preventing tragedies like this from recurring in the port.

Source: Luz Noticias