Armed subjects violently assault a business in Mazatlan’s Infonavit Jabalies district


MAZATLAN.- With violence and death threats, two men with pistols assaulted the Del Bajío grocery store on Thursday avenue Santa Rosa, at Infonavit Jabalíes.

Business security cameras recorded everything from the criminals arriving at the business on a green Cross-type motorcycle.

Once inside the business, the greatest thief subdued a young employee, who put the square pistol on his head, while demanding money from the cashier.

Apparently the woman went into crisis and the thieves took her off the counter and thus took the cash.

Security cameras marked 11:25 a.m.

After taking the money and throwing it in a backpack, the thieves left the place. They also grab something off the counter, apparently a tip jar.

Then municipal police officers came to try to locate the assailants, but at the moment they did not locate anyone.


The Mazatlan Post