Mazatlán Beach Band Restrictions After 9pm


The Municipal Government of Mazatlán has finally made a decision regarding the controversy over northern bands playing on the beach, establishing that they must leave after 9pm, although they may continue in other areas designated by the authorities.

Rogelio Olivas Osuna, the senior official of Mazatlán, stated that “a meeting is scheduled” with some members of bands that play in public spaces “to establish, once and for all, the fine points regarding the schedule.”

It is summarized that the bands can play only until 9 pm on the beach area. Between 9 pm and 1 am, they will have permission in a specific zone of the boardwalk.

The decision comes after demands from hoteliers and merchants to restrict the bands playing on the beach because they are not to the liking of foreign tourists, particularly those from the United States, and also because several accuse them of resonating at high volume late into the night and preventing sleep.

This led to protests from the bands, and the authorities had to intervene.

The Mazatlán official, quoted by Luz Noticias, confirmed that they will inform them of the decision to “make the reduction” of the schedule “especially in the beach area.”

He commented that “there are not as many tourists” at this time as there are during Holy Week or even the summer vacations.

So, the tourist “is not going to – for example – at 9 pm, is not going… or at 8 pm, is not going to rent the band.”

“That’s what we’re seeing right now with them, for the time being, they were given the opportunity of the closing on Saturday,” meaning that on Saturday there are exceptions for them to stay longer.

This Saturday began the Municipality’s permission for Mazatlán bands to play from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am in specific areas.

They determined that they can play during that time after 9 pm in the area of the boardwalk, from Valentinos to Insurgentes Avenue.

Another issue analyzed is that musicians from other states of Mexico arrive and do not follow the rules like the locals, so they seek to inform them of the limitations so that they respect them.

Source: Tiempo