Mazatlan look for condominium rentals to contribute to tourism promotion


Mazatlan AMPI seeks to regulate the sale, rent and lodging through a Real Estate Law

Mazatlan, Sin. The real estate professionals are working to send to the State Congress a real estate law initiative that regulates the activity, revealed Luis Enrique Peraza Reyes . 
The president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals of Mazatlan, said that in this way the investor will have greater certainty that their purchase is safe, that the agreements will be respected and that they are dealing with a professional in the matter.

Peraza Reyes acknowledged that this sector has to be regulated, because, otherwise, instability will be achieved with investors.

He explained that the regulation through a real estate law will give certainty, not only to the one that buys a condominium, but also in the rents and lodging.

How many sales have been made were the buyers make a good faith deposit and arrive and he no longer sees that deposit, that has to be regulated, and we are going to have talks with the Hotel Association to explain that the part of the lodging in the condominium is betting that he has a tax.

Peraza Reyes

He added that this law would include, in addition to more training, contribute with a tax for lodging, which is destined to the tourist promotion of Mazatlan, as hoteliers do at this time.

That must be paid by the same condo that is renting the unit, the amount we do not have yet, but we are proposing that it should be regulated with a percentage and would be administered by the municipal or state government, because we must remember that it will be for the promotion of Mazatlan

Peraza Reyes

The real estate broker explained that Mazatlan has more than 11 thousand rooms in the traditional hotel industry, and with the rise of condominium towers in a short time it could exceed that number of units.

We are seeing many condominiums that are being built, that could exceed the level of hotel rooms, imagine the magnitude of how many do not pay that tax to the for lodging.

Peraza ReyesA

In the Past

A few years ago there was a wave of frauds that blemished the name of Mazatlan internationally, due to ghost sales and rentals in the real estate sector.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan, AMPI

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