How much money do I need to go to Mazatlán to see the solar eclipse?


Discover how much money you need to travel to Mazatlán and enjoy the incredible solar eclipse on Monday, April 8th.

Next Monday, April 8th, a great astronomical phenomenon will take place that can be seen in various areas of the Mexican Republic, but there will be specific points where it can be appreciated better.

In fact, the state of Sinaloa is the place where the solar eclipse can be best appreciated, especially in the port of Mazatlán, because it will be completely dark and for a longer period of time.

If you are planning to travel to the city of Mazatlán from Culiacán, here we tell you how much money you need for your visit to the port and thus appreciate the solar eclipse of April 8, 2024.

If you are going to travel by bus, you should know that prices range between $250 and $350 pesos, so you will probably need a little more than $500 pesos to go to the Pearl of the Pacific round trip.

On the other hand, if you want to travel from the comfort of your car, you should know that you will face two toll booths, the first at the Costa Rica – La Cruz Junction, where you must pay $26 pesos, while the second, known as La Cruz – El Venadillo Junction or simply “El Mármol,” asks for a total of $204 pesos.

Additionally, you should consider expenses for gasoline and establishments where you wish to consume food or purchase souvenirs.

Remember that before starting your trip, you should make sure to have your car in the best conditions, to avoid setbacks on the road.

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