Michoacanos create nopal-based fuel, and it only costs 12 pesos per liter


In 10 years, the price of liter of Magna gasoline grew 156%
With this product, its developers seek to replace fuels and benefit the economy
Miguel Ake and Rogelio Sosa, 68 and 66 years old, created a nopal-based gasoline that costs only 12 pesos, a saving of 40% compared to the liter of Premium fuel, which currently costs 20 pesos.
We use a Mexican cactus to replace the use of a polluting substance, at the same time as it benefits the economy, explained Roger to the universal
The project was developed in Zitácuaro, Michoacán, and has aroused the interest of international figures, such as the former energy minister of Indonesia, who wanted to acquire the product, but the Mexicans refused.
This project is created by and for Mexicans, said Rogelio.
According to data from the National Consumer Price Index, gasoline Magna had a cost of 7.17 pesos in June 2008. In June of this year, the liter of fuel is at 18.58, that is, in 10 years its cost was raised 156%