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Mazatlan’s SSPyTM reports the arrest of 2,300 offenders in Guadalupe-Reyes operation

As a result of the Guadalupe-Reyes surveillance operation, the Ministry of Public Security and Municipal Transit announced that from December 12, 2019 to January 6, 2020, the preventive agents detained 2,300 offenders for administrative offenses.

According to a bulletin issued by the SSPyTM, it made 10,024 preventive checks, of which 7,639 went to people; 421, to vehicles; 1,964 motorcycles and 202 units were sent to the municipal pension, including 63 motorcycles.

Regarding detainees during the holidays, there were a total of 28, of which 7 were ordered by apprehension; 6 for home theft room; 3 for intentional homicide; 2 for abuse of trust; 2 for malicious injuries; 1 for carrying a firearm; 1 for trade theft; 6 for another type of criminal act, as well as 2,300 people arrested for administrative offenses.

Regarding insurance, the municipal corporation has 13 vehicles recovered and the confiscation of 01 short weapon; 54 cartridges; 77 white weapons and 03 guns of diabolos.

In the New Year celebration held in Olas Altas, with an influx of approximately 8 thousand people, 6,700 revisions were carried out in a preventive manner.

The Specialized Unit on Prevention of Family and Gender Violence, UNEPREVIF, attended 293 reports, 19 detainees, and provided 114 psychological care.

During the holiday season, the Transit Command registered 211 accidents with a balance of 3 people killed; The road agents prepared 1 thousand 804 acts of road facts with 2 m 320 concepts, including:

– 544 for poorly parked.
– 311 for not respecting road signs.
– 308 for driving without a license.
– 128 for driving while intoxicated.
– 121 for not wearing a helmet.
– 908 for various reasons.

The Breathalyzer Operation, to reduce alcohol-related road accidents, accounts for 863 tests performed, of which 383 drivers were alcoholic; 104 tested positive for alcohol intake; 06 people were arrested and 17 vehicles were transferred to the pension.

Meanwhile, the Civil Protection Coordination provided 35 medical care; 14 supports in fires and attention in 12 reports of gas or fuel leakage.


The Anti-Pyrotechnics operation threw a white balance because no incidents were registered due to the use of explosive devices, and a seizure of 213 kilograms of products was obtained in different presentations, said the Municipal Coordinator of Civil Protection, Eloy Ruiz Gastélum

The official recalled that the actions implemented by the Mazatlan government began on November 1 and ended on January 6, once the Christmas holidays, New Year’s Eve and Three Kings Day passed.

He mentioned that in coordination with the Ministry of Public Security and the inspectors of the Mayor’s Office, the seizures were carried out mainly in shops in the city center, but also in tianguis that are installed in various colonies, as well as in the rural area of ​​the municipality.

He indicated that the product on Tuesday was placed at the disposal of the Attorney General’s Office, so that it, in turn, do the corresponding thing and give it a final destination that is destruction.

“There are 213 kilos of pyrotechnics of different capacity, type, size and different risk, which were removed from the city street, mainly the city’s first cadre and tianguis that are placed within the urban and rural area. Many of them are citizen complaints and physical inspections of real estate and tianguis. Today is made available to the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic to do the corresponding thing and give it a final destination that is destruction.

The Coordinator of Municipal Civil Protection, recognized that it is difficult to be able to remove all these types of items from shops, and therefore said he hopes that the citizenship is even more committed and see that these actions really are for the good of the children, because It is trying to avoid some tragedy in families, as has happened in other municipalities and other states of the country.

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