Get ready to recharge your batteries at Las Labradas for the spring equinox


INAH delegate in Sinaloa explains that there are important advances in restoration and there is no doubt that for the spring equinox they will open

MAZATLAN. – Are you tired of everything we are experiencing because of Covid-19 and its variants? Well, get ready, shake off your white clothes and get ready for the reopening of the Las Labradas Archaeological Park.  

It is currently closed due to restoration work as we have previously announced, however, the delegate of the National Institute of Anthropology and History, Servando Rojo Quintero, explained they work hard to make it open in March.  

“They presented problems, it was the first action we carried out with the posts, blades were changed, tablets were inserted, INAH itself invested approximately over 650 thousand pesos to fix the first module, it is already concluded, the work was delivered to us in December”, declared.  

If all goes well, on March 21 the doors will be open and, by March 31, the restorations will be completed, as there are still things to fix such as the research laboratories, as well as a third phase that will include a couple of cabins, bower and signage. 

Photos: Fernanda Magallaness

“Now that you have the three stages, you will find the facilities in excellent condition, physical condition and that together with the pecto-engraving and walking area, it is an attraction,” said Rojo Quintero.  

The INAH delegate in Sinaloa pointed out that the Labradas, due to their proximity to Mazatlán, is one of the strategic points for the mobility of tourists, both national and foreign, in addition, above all, for the spring days, where many are accustomed go recharge.  

He predicts that with its restoration and reopening, this archaeological zone will rebound and increase the number of its visits and tours for cruise tourism, or tours offered by agencies to that area of ​​Sinaloa.  

Las Labradas is located at least 45 minutes from Mazatlán, its access is on the highway towards Culiacán, to enter, you will pass through the town of La Chicayota.  

What’s in it for the equinox?  

People tend to be dressed in white, shamans come to perform cleansing and rituals to welcome spring and with this, recharge themselves with positive energy in the millennial zone. 


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