Best Casinos in Mazatlán


Most tourists likely come to Mazatlán to enjoy its sunny weather and beautiful beaches. It is unarguably one of the best resort destinations in all of Mexico that is equally popular with local tourists and international ones.

Gaviotas Casino in Mazatlan , Sinaloa

A Mazatlán attraction seldom discussed is the gaming fun on offer here. Though many consider Monterrey Mexico’s gambling capital, Mazatlán has more than a few decent spots where anyone of legal age can test their good fortune. They can do so on electronic machines or implement blackjack strategies that work on tables offering premium twenty-one action. They can do so to rake in more than a bit of chump change in their pockets.

Thus, let us dive into the Mazatlán gaming scene, rattling off the four best places to enjoy some casino-style entertainment in the second-largest city in the state of Sinaloa.

Casino MonteCarlo

Found at Av. Camarón Sábalo #201 Col. Lomas de Mazatlán 82110, Casino MonteCarlo is Mazatlan’s most established gaming venue. Despite its name, it boasts more of a circus theme than one connected to the famous administrative area of the Principality of Monaco, known for its luxurious gambling establishments. Casino Monte-Carlo is nowhere near as robust as those in the region whose name it bears. Still, for a Mexican gaming spot, it is way above average.

It features dozens of slots, video poker machines, multi-game devices, and four live tables. Free parking is available on the property, and there are several quality hotels nearby. The Hotel Playa Bonita Mazatlán is the highest quality one within walking distance.

Casino Codere Mazatlán

Casino Codere Mazatlan is 2.2 miles away from Casino Monte-Carlo, with only a street separating this building from the beach, which is right next to the Hotel ISLA DEL MAR. The casino is relatively small compared to other locales on our list. However, it gets rave reviews from players due to its cleanliness. The staff here wipes down every machine and chair after use, which is a very health-conscious practice that should get applauded. The gaming floor here houses many slot machines and a few table games. There is also a sports betting kiosk on the premises.

Drinks are affordable at Codere, and often, there are live musical performances to keep all gamblers on the gaming floor in an upbeat mood when betting. The overall vibe here is that of a Vegas locals’ joint. A massive positive is that anyone wishing to take a break from their gambling activities can step outside Casino Codere’s doors and instantly peer on at the ocean as they let a sense of ease wash over them.

Midas Casino

Midas has the look of a high-end gambling spot, with an outdoor façade reminiscent of most commercial US non-Vegas casinos. That is due to this locale operating from within the Gran Plaza shopping mall on Avenue Reforma. Its doors open every day of the week at 9 AM, and they close at 4 AM.

We can confidently say that this is the perfect place for anyone that craves gaming diversity to visit. The evidence to back up that statement is that aside from offering a wealth of casino-style gambling machines, Midas also provides bingo draws and sports betting via a dedicated sportsbook lounge. In terms of live entertainment, it is also a far more energy-filled destination than MonetCarlo and Codere. It has regular karaoke nights, two-themed parties per month, and occasionally, comedy acts perform in its bar.

Casino del Rey

Located in the heart of the Golden Zone of the city, on Avenue Camarón Sábalo 218, Casino del Rey is an intimate and often crowded gambling spot. It follows the most established casino décor rules, meaning it has the traditional pattern carpeting, color-filled walls, and yellow atmospheric lighting. It predominately focuses on slot machines, with these devices lined up to form maze-like slot corridors through which patrons must move through and forcibly check out each game. Multiple screens mounted high-up on each wall continuously show win animations, enticing everyone to continue gambling. Note that Casino del Rey does have progressive games.

What we admire most about this casino is its acceptance that it is a smaller gambling joint catering mainly to reel-spinning maven. It is not ashamed of this, and nor should it be. Similar to Casino Codere, it also gets complimented on its cleanliness and the courteous nature of its staff. Despite slots, visitors can also play roulette and blackjack at Casino del Rey, which has no dress code, and where everyone comes wearing super casual attire.

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