Mazatlan police and well as citizens must comply with the tinted window ordinance


Mazatlan police is removing from police units window tint that does not comply with what is allowed

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Mazatlán police units with tinted windows have to comply with the ordinance

With the knowledge that at this time there is an operation called “Safe December 2020”, which is implemented by the Municipal Transit Subdirectorate.


Where in said operation there are motor vehicle reviews and among the actions is to remove the intense tinting of the windows.

In the traffic and transportation law of the state of Sinaloa article 75, it can be read that “The windshield, rear window, windows, and side wings that motor vehicles carry must be made with a substance whose transparency in the opinion of the traffic authorities, is sufficient for the driver’s vision and does not deform objects seen through them; therefore, any tinting or tinting of windows that impede visibility from and into the vehicle is prohibited.

window tinting gradients

For this reason, in some cities only 35 percent tinting is allowed, less than that luminosity the driver is asked to remove the tinting or he could be fined.


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