New secretary of security asks officers to remove the hoods and remove tinted windows


Jaime Othoniel Barrón Valdez asks citizens to use 911 when issuing a complaint, he has also instructed the officers to remove their hoods and remove tint from windows.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. — In order to implement more tools to respond to citizen complaints, the Secretary of Public Safety and Municipal Transit, maintains the numbers C2 6699868126 for rapid response to emergencies, Jaime Othoniel Barrón Valdez, Secretary of Municipal Public Safety, also highlighted the importance of using 911, he said that from the first contact a follow-up sheet is formulated in each situation.

Among other strategies to provide Security to Society, the head of the Preventive Corporation said that he is visiting the Police booths in the different neighborhoods, the idea is to analyze the spaces to inhabit those that are in ideal sectors for operation, there they will be designated agents 24 hours a day with the purpose that society has a place to resort to file a complaint.

Barrón Valdez added that for the peace of mind of society, he has instructed the elements under his charge to remove the frontal tints from the units, and the same action is implemented for private vehicles.

The issue of removing the hoods is a fact, the Secretary of Public Security pointed out that the trust of the people before the authority begins by seeing the face of the person who attends them, that is why all the agents must bring their faces uncovered.


The Mazatlan Post