Control of Covid-19 in Mazatlan will depend on the population


Mazatlán, Sinaloa (March 31, 2020).- Social distancing and abiding by preventive measures such as the use of face masks, antibacterial gel and healthy distance in shopping malls, workplaces and public spaces, is what will help control the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic in its second and third stages of infection in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, and the rest of the country.

An exponential increase in cases could put hospital infrastructure in jeopardy, as has happened in China, Italy, Spain, France, Japan, and more recent, United States.

Dr. Héctor Velasco Serrano, internist at the Sharp hospital and member of the Municipal Health Council, pointed out that in Mexico there are only 1.2 ventilators and 2.5 intensive care beds for every 100,000 inhabitants.

According to projections, it is estimated that there will be 11,000 patients in the country who will have complications from Covid-19, and we only have 2,000 respiratory ventilators nationwide.

“In Mazatlán, the number of medical respiratory ventilators does not exceed 25,”, the official added.

In this situation, he warned that the most vulnerable population are the doctors and nurses who will be taking car of patients, since it is estimated that 15% of them will contract the disease, so if the population takes care of itself, it will also take care of the medical personnel in hospitals.

The closure of commercial establishments and businesses, as well as the reduction of personnel in the necessary public services and in the health sector, including people over 65 years of age or pregnant, was considered a correct measure, but preventive measures are still lacking in shopping centers, and other public spaces where people can be seen walking around with no face masks, gloves, as if they were on vacation.

Source: OEM

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