LP Gas stations in Mazatlán adjust prices and continue in operation


The liter of LP gas drops from 13.54 to 13.08 pesos, the kilo is offered at 24.10 without additive and at 24.68 with additive

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- At the entry into force of the regulation of maximum prices of energy by the Regulatory Commission of Energy, local gas companies Mazatlan adjusted this week their prices and lowered the liter of LPG from 13.54 to 13.08 pesos in parking self, while the kilo is offered at 24.10 without additive and 24.68 pesos with additive.

Staff from Gaspasa, Diesgas, SoniGas, and Baja Gas, formerly Z Gas, indicated that the adjustment was made starting this week and will be adapted every Monday, according to the price cap set by the regulation of maximum prices at the national level and by region, and may increase or decrease in the coming weeks.

hey commented that for more than a month, the price of LP gas had not changed, but remained at 13.54 pesos per liter and 24.14 per kilo.

Some gas companies still display on their official pages the price of gas cylinders from 889.72 pesos, when the price offered from this week is 723.00 pesos for 30 kilos.

In a tour made by the Sun of Mazatlán, workers of these companies assured that so far there is no official information about a possible work stoppage and that nothing has been commented on the matter in the WhatsApp groups of the company.

They said that what they know is for the clients who arrive and they ask them about whether they are going to stop work or not, as well as what they see on social networks, which report that there are already work stoppages in different parts of the country.

” They have told me nothing about a strike, we have a WhatsApp group and everything is reported there and we have not seen any of that, gossip is known out of the blue, but no; The boss has just come and told me to be on the lookout because every Monday there will be a meeting to see if it goes down or up, it is a new price regulation, “said Jesús Alberto” N “, from the Gaspasa company.

For his part, Edwin “ N ”, Baja Gas dispatcher, commented that as of August 1 the price of a liter of LP gas in his company dropped 50 cents and remained at 13.08 pesos for the entire month of August.

He said that they are the clients who have asked him if they are going to go to work stoppage or not as they are doing in other parts of the country.

“ Yes, people have come telling me if we open, if we are going to have it open or if we are going to be working, and we are working well, the others I do not know, and they have not told us anything that there could be a work stoppage if it is not I don’t find out from clients that there is unemployment in other parts of the country“he said.

Since last Tuesday, gas distributors in Mexico City and the State of Mexico began a work stoppage of at least 8 thousand pipes, the protesters accuse that the maximum price conditions established by the Ministry of Energy and the Regulatory Commission of Energy impede the development of this activity.

Both the Mexican Association of Liquefied Gas Distributors and Empresas Conexas AC have dissociated themselves from the strike of distributors in the Valley of Mexico.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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