Government of Mazatlan suspends Camino al Mar real estate and commercial development


The Camino al Mar real estate and commercial project, located in the heart of the Golden Zone and under construction, was suspended by the municipal government, and the developers accused Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres of stopping the work on a personal whim.

“On the personal whim of the Mayor. Affecting the economic development of Mazatlan, the source of employment for 650 workers who became unemployed from October 29 to date, 18 days and counting …. Thank you Mr. Mayor, where the waves break ”, indicates a sign hung in the construction, on the Camarón Sábalo Avenue.

Alfredo Reynaga, commercial manager of the project, said that on October 29 there was an accident where a worker died within the construction; The case was clarified. However, the City Council did not allow the work to continue.

“There are elements of a clear abuse of authority and by order of ‘The Chemist as the Mayor is known’ the work was suspended, its city employees act because many are afraid to lose office, but do not believe that it will be alone to only a banner” he said .

“There was a very unfortunate accident, the facts are already clear, why it happened and how it happened, there were works where there have also been accidents but they do not suspend, and not for so long, this one, what can be the reason? Rodolfo Madero is from the Citizen Observatory and the Mayor has been questioned. ”

Camino al Mar is a development of Grupo Alert, with an investment of between 600 and 800 million pesos, a building that shares a condominium area with a commercial area as in large developments in Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City.

Publicly, the municipal president has lashed out against the president of Grupo Alert, Rodolfo Madero, for the criticisms that Televisoras Grupo Pacífico, has made against his administration.

Unofficial versions indicate that, Sunday morning, the Municipal Police tried to enter the construction zone, with the intention of removing the canvas of protest, but the private guard prevented it.

“There is no entry to our job”: bricklayer

At the 28-story construction site, which has started more than two years ago, at the intersection of Gaviotas Street and Camarón Sábalo Avenue, there is only one private security man, and with the hope that work will resume, a bricklayer, who expressed his feeling.
“No, well, it is wrong, because there is no entry to our worksite and for example we are anxious, in the uncertainty that we cannot go looking for another job because we are hoping it will open here; For example, in my case, I have been working here for a year, I already have benefits such as the bonus, so I go another way, I will lose benefits, in my personal case; and I do not know what happens but in other works for example in the RIU five were killed and nothing more was paid for funeral expenses and all that and the work never stopped, I do not know why here it has stopped so many days, ”he said anonymously .

What’s really going on?

The conflict between Mazatlan businessmen

In Mazatlan, there is a conflict of interest between businessmen and professionals, where a civil society organization, Citizen Observatory, is also present. On the one hand, there is the businessman Rodolfo Madero, head of the Alert Group (various economic sectors: automotive, real estate, tourism, communication, energy, agribusiness, industrial and commercial). It is a group that integrated Francisco Madero, based on his ability to finance and the concessions of his father-in-law, Rodolfo Rodríguez. In the radio news, What happens in Mazatlan, Rodolfo Madero declared that there is a group of businessmen who claim to be suing the lawyer David Álvarez, for extortion, led by public officials. Declares that there is no such demand. Also, that those officials gave badly granted permits. And that the owners of the projects that received those “badly given” permits are those who sue Mr. Álvarez. In addition, Madero says that Mr. Alvarez sued against “badly given” permits and not against project owners. 

On the other side are some businessmen who claim to have sued Mr. Alvarez for extortion. In the same newsletter, Carlos Rivera and Carlos Escobar, two of them, stated that they did file a complaint with the Sinaloa Prosecutor’s Office since December 2017. In their intervention, they interrogate the Camino al Mar development of the Alert Group. on Camarón Sábalo Avenue. In that project, there are two 29-story condo towers, commercial premises area (34) and a 14-level corporate tower. In the heart of the golden zone of Mazatlan. 

Source: noroeste, el debate, radio formula mazatlan

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