It’s official: this November, Baja California Sur will start charging foreign tourist $350 additional pesos


Starting this November 2019, foreign tourists visiting Baja California Sur will pay an additional 350 pesos tax.

The tax will apply to all foreign tourists who stay in the state for more than 24 hours.

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La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). As of this November 9, the tax to the foreign visitor in Baja California Sur will come into force, which provides for a collection of more than 490 million pesos, which will be applied in various programs and works, announced the governor of the State, Carlos Mendoza Davis

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Therefore, the initial platform to collect the defendant will be released, at a rate of 350 pesos per person, which will constitute the Sustainability Fund of Baja California Sur. 

The payment will be made through the modules and digital kiosks that will be opened, with the support of the Pacific Airport Group (GAP ) at the international airport of San José del Cabo, which is the first place where they will be installed; It can also be paid online; website

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Foreigners who fly into Baja California Sur will be able to pay the tax at kiosks in airports while the state’s port authority will be responsible for collecting the tax from travelers who arrive by sea. Hotels and other accommodation providers will charge foreign visitors who enter via land.

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Due to AMLO federal budget cuts, Baja California Sur is the first entity in Mexico that implements the collection of a social contribution to support the development of the destination, the progress of the town and maintain the safety of the inhabitants.

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The charge of 350 pesos per visitor will form the Baja California Sur Sustainability Fund with which public security, healthcare, education, housing, employment, sports, culture, agriculture, fishing and tourism, and social infrastructure will be strengthened,” he said on Twitter on Friday.

The governor has previously justified the imposition of the tax by pointing to the poor quality of life of many people who live in tourism-oriented parts of Baja California Sur such as Los Cabos.

The decision to enact the tax was made despite a recommendation by the Senate that it not be introduced on the basis that it could frighten off tourists and cause a loss of jobs.

The state’s announcement came a week after the lower house of the federal Congress approved steep hikes to two taxes that foreigners pay to enter Mexico: the DSM immigration services tax and the DNR non-resident tax.

But the Senate voted against the proposal following strong criticism of the increases by the tourist industry and business groups.

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