AMLO 4T would not allow another coup in Mexico


President AMLO said that in Mexico there is no opportunity for the Huertas, the Franks, the Hitlers or the Pinochet.

Remembering the fate of the revolutionary Francisco I. Madero, who after coming to power was overthrown and killed at the beginning of the 20th century, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that his government has the support of a majority that would not allow another coup of State.

“Now it is different. Although they are other realities and should not fall into the simplicity of the comparisons, the transformation that I lead has the support of a free and conscious majority, fair and lover of legality and peace, which would not allow another coup in our country ”, the president published in his social networks this Saturday.

“Here there is not the slightest opportunity for the Huertas, the Franks, the Hitlers or the Pinochet. Today’s Mexico is not fertile land for genocide or for scoundrels who implore it. ”

In addition to this, López Obrador recommended reading Aesop’s fable “The frogs asking for a king”, in which a group of these animals asks the god Zeus a king; first he sends them as a ruler a trunk, but unsatisfied, he sends them a water snake that, one by one, devours them.

The words of the head of the Executive take place a few days after the speech was made public with which an army general, Carlos Gaytán Ochoa, criticized the current federal government.

At a breakfast with other generals and the head of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), Luis Cresencio Sandoval, the military command said that in the “current situation” they feel “aggrieved as Mexicans and offended as soldiers.”

“We are currently living in a politically polarized society, because the dominant ideology, which is not the majority, is based on currents allegedly left, which accumulated a great resentment for years,” said General Gaytán Ochoa, according to the newspaper La Jornada .

After indicating that the current head of the Executive “has been legally and legitimately empowered,” the military said that the fragile existing counterbalancing mechanisms have allowed the president to strengthen “who has been promoting strategic decisions that have not convinced everyone, to put it mildly. “

He added that the members of the Army were formed “with solid axiological values, which clash with the ways in which the country is being conducted today.”

López Obrador was consulted last Thursday about Gaytán Ochoa’s speech, and responded that it was a personal vision of the general and that he did not agree.

“About the risk of fractures in the Army, that does not exist … it is a loyal Army,” said López Obrador; In addition, he explained that he had another version of the meeting given by the owner of the Sedena.

Source: la jornada, forbes mx, el financiero

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