Legends of Sinaloa: The appearance of the “Calzonudo” of Jalpa, in Rosario


Rosario Sinaloa.- The towns and communities are places full of ghost stories, which pass from generation to generation until they become a hallmark of their place of origin.

The town of Jalpa is a community located at the top of the Sierra Rosarense, which like others, has among its history the story of the appearance of a ghost, which for many years they have called “El Calzonudo”.

Older people in this community talk about the appearance of a man dressed in a white manta suit and his pants down to his knees, which they say has been seen in various areas of the agricultural fields of this mountain town.

Resultado de imagen para fantasma de hombre en traje blanco

Felipe Ruiz, who is a neighbor of this community, says that he already had to live in his own flesh, feel and see the appearance of “El Calzonudo”.

He says that it was about 20 years ago when this ghost appeared to him, while he was going to work in the field, in a place known as “Palo Quemado”, on an agricultural farm.

On that occasion, I was walking like every day when suddenly I see a man on the road, the way he was dressed I had no doubt that it was the “Calzonudo”

Felipe Ruiz

After observing him, he tells that his skin crawled and was filled with fear, and all he did was run away without stopping.

Fear came to me when I looked at him, all I did was run trying to get to town because I felt that this man wanted to take me with him, in the run he had to cross over a fence, as I turned back I see that this man went through the fence as if it were wind, I ran even faster after seeing that

Felipe Ruiz

Despite running at full speed, Felipe reports that the man was getting closer and closer.

It wasn’t until he reached the area of ​​the mouth of the stream “El Chacuaco”, where he couldn’t run anymore, but he managed to cross the channel and when he passed this area he stopped, when he turned back again he realized that the man in white manta suite that chased him had disappeared.

Suddenly the ghost disappeared, I no longer saw him, and then I went quietly to the house

Felipe Ruiz

After two or three days of having suffered being chased, he talked to some men from there in the community, who told him that it was undoubtedly “El Calzonudo” who followed him.

It is said that Felipe is not the only person who talks about seeing this supposed ghost, who is unaware of the reason for his appearance, it is not known why he is wearing his pants at mid-leg; Those who have seen “El Calzonudo” prefer not to find out.