Sinaloa Congress may fall into contempt for postponing Equal Marriage


The warning made by the federal Deputy, Merary Villegas Sanchez, to remember that the Supreme Court of Justice has already issued a resolution on the issue, so that the local legislature could fall into unconstitutionality

The Congress of the State of Sinaloa is at risk of falling into contempt and face consequences before the Supreme Court to postpone the discussion on equal marriage , warned the federal Congresswoman , Merary Villegas Sanchez.

The Sinaloa legislator for Morena said that postponing the issue implies an act of inculturation because there is no date to raise the issue to the floor at first reading, remembering that the Constitutional Points Commission of the local legislature has failed to gather deputies of the three commissions invoked in the reform of the Family Law

After being named as the marshal of the sixth march of diversity ‘Pasos de Lucha’ to be held in Culiacán this  Saturday , Villegas Sanchez lamented that Sinaloa can not celebrate this date withlegislation that protects the LGBT + community .

From his position in the federal legislature, he made a call with respect to the autonomy of the Local Congress but emphasizing that by not approving the Equal Marriages Act, the human rights of this group of people are allowed to be violated.

Source: tvpacifico

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