The Best Tacos in Mazatlan are at “El Veneno” says the colorful taquero


With more than 30 years in the gastronomy and Mexican cuisine sector, Francisco Gastélum Montés is “El Veneno”, some say that because of the loose language, but others say that it’s for the “tacos and the delicious sauces that are a poison when eating”.

The “Veneno” itself says the “best tacos of Mazatlan, are those of the El Veneno, although the truth hurts other taqueros”. He says, for the few who do not know him, he is located in Gutiérrez Nájera and Cañonero Tampico, there in front of the workshops of the Jumapam.

To “those who want to come and try my tacos, I have the best prices and best-tasting tacos, I am the first; the best tacos in Mazatlan; I make them all very rich, it the truth hurts many. “

This is every morning, except Monday and Tuesday, “El Veneno” is a mandatory character in Mazatlan and this small space in the classic cart, many people from all walks of life who do not have time to breakfast at home arrive or who better prefer to eat the rich “Veneno” tacos before arriving at work.

There are golden tacos, soft machaca, chicharrón, fingers and even a cheese combination that are, almost all the week, the early food of many Mazatlecos. The consommé and the sauces are other delights to go to eat tacos with the famous “Poison”.

Have you been to “Veneno” yet?

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