Santa arrived in Mazatlan and can be seen on the Malecon in his sleigh-pulmonia


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- It is the culprit that Santa has arrived in Mazatlan for six years. And since Monday night he began his traditional tour aboard his pneumonia on the boardwalk.

The veneno “Poison”, as it is popularly known, has been working for the decoration of the tourist sled, as it could be called the unit.

With great care, he put the luminous extensions and in front I installed two articles, one musical and another Christmas so that there was no doubt that there was Santa or Santo Clos, as he is also called the maximum character of Christmas.

It was close to 7 pm when El Veneno put on the red suit, lit the pulmonia with tofo and its lighting in the garage of his house and started. “I will go along the Malecon,” he said.

The route was along Avenida Gutiérrez Nájera, very close to where it has its taco road. Those who walked on those sidewalks greeted him, as did the drivers.

The first stop was at the monument to the fisherman, where a family of tourists was surprised. The children were the first to approach to hug the old man and the white beard, take the picture and then the adults did it.
“I was struck by the car, its lights and then seeing Santa mentioned one of the little girls excitedly.

I am surprised, it is the first time I see it, it is the tacos, it is like something biblical in Mazatlan that must be seen, said a woman who passed by the place and also took the photo of the memory.

Once he greeted everyone in his Veneno pink Pulmonia, he put Christmas songs and headed towards Olas Altas. 

Source: rasnoticias

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