Mazatlan Central Park project takes form


The flora has been recovering little by little. In addition to this, the fauna has also had a greater presence; paving of the circuits and installation of wiring are the works that can be observed now.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The works of Central Park are going at a good pace and completely changing the physiognomy of what used to be the City Forest. This project aims to be a tourist attraction that extends the stay of visitors.

You can see a sign that will be used as an event area, which extends almost to the middle of the lagoon, which will connect the park with Bahía Avenue and a pedestrian bridge.

Work is also being done on the paving of circuits that will allow park visitors to move from one point to another. 
You can also find bases for what appear to be the luminaires and the installation of the electrical wiring. Although there are still small hills of dirt and debris, the park is taking shape every day that goes by and the backhoes and dump trucks do not stop working.


You can see some brown modules that stand out for their modern design and large light inputs, which will be used for shops, from restaurants to stores.

Flora and fauna

Apparently, the flora of the Del Camarón lagoon is recovering after the dredging that was done at the site, because small green spots are seen in the body of water. At the same time, fauna also begins to have a greater presence in a gradual manner. The sighting of ducks and herons is increasing, as they seek refuge that provides the flora of the lagoon.

This project promises to be the engine of change in the area.

Source: El Debate, reaccion informativa

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