Durango Old West Theme Park continues to grows


In addition to implementing new shows, it is expected that they will also have hotel service.

The Old West theme Park is growing, with new shows and times

Eleazar Gamboa de la Parra, Secretary of Tourism in the state, said that surveys raised that on average the stay of a guest is 90 minutes, the shows are held every two hours, meaning that people only see a show, This is the change of strategy in the formats so that the permanence is greater and with better income for the merchants and the park.

Each visitor spends on average 115 pesos including the entrance, while at the national level each person spends in the theme parks 400 to 500 pesos, therefore it is indispensable to increase the consumption, said the interviewee.

In low season, the Old West Walk receives every weekend three to five thousand people, figures that double in the holiday period.

According to the Datatur page of the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur), in Durango in 2016 there were 1,716 rooms available, the offer increased in 2018 with 1,884.

It should be noted that the Theme Park has no budget, with the entry of tickets and space rental is self-sustainable; seven are the employees that depend on the government area and the rest of the staff as artists belong to local companies.

The Secretary of Communications and Public Works, Arturo Salazar Moncayo, referring to the participation of the Public Private Associations (APP) in Paseo del Viejo Oeste, indicated that they are working on a master plan that allows PPPs to be involved to participate in own activities of park.

I believe that with the support of the PPPs, we seek to achieve a long-term investment scheme, in order to achieve the provision of services to the public sector based on the development of infrastructure that is built and operated by the private sector, for which it is contemplated that in this The theme park has activities according to its style, such as a fair with mechanical games, a food market, a museum, a hotel, among other activities.

Source: el sol de durango

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