13 Cubans kidnapped in Tamaulipas released after paying USD $ 1,350 each


According to a relative, the Cubans were deprived of their liberty for 8 days in different houses so as not to be found by the police.

According to the El Universal report, a relative of one of the victims, who requested anonymity, said that Cubans were deprived of their liberty for 8 days in different houses so as not to be found by the police.

He also indicated that the kidnappers recorded a video where migrants are seen crossing the Rio Grande , as evidence that they had already been released, after paying the ransom.

“My brother is well and I suppose that he is already in American territory because of what I saw in a vide, I only hope that they have already turned themselves in to the authorities of the United States to request refuge ,” one family member told the newspaper.

According to the person who was interviewed, they are aware that they treated the 13 Cubans who were kidnapped , they were not tied or handcuffed, and their captors fed them.

they were deprived of their liberty for 8 days in different houses so as not to be found by the police

Last Thursday it was announced that 4 Cuban migrants would have been deprived of their freedom when they arrived at the Reynosa airport.

According to one of their relatives, the 4 Cubans took a taxi from which they would have been taken down and handed over to organized crime.

To the security house where they were taken, there were 9 other people , also of Cuban nationality, who were trying to reach the United States.

Once in captivity , the kidnappers forced the migrants to call their relatives to tell them they were kidnapped and ask for a ransom of 1,350 dollars , otherwise they would be killed.

Since the beginning of this year there has been an increase in the flow of migrants from Cuba in Tapachula, Chiapas.

The Cubans carry out the procedure to be able to legally travel through the Mexican territory in the migration offices, and thus be able to travel to the border with the United States to request asylum.

They have knowledge that they treated the 13 Cubans kidnapped well

Recently the islanders have denounced acts of corruption between lawyers and ex officio processors that allows them to travel legally through Mexico , since they have been charged between 300 and 900 dollars for expediting the process.

The delay in the issuance of the document, which is free and currently takes up to 20 days, caused Cuban migrants to break into the immigration regularization office last Friday, leaving as a balance a wounded officer.

Faced with this situation, the National Institute of Migration (INM) took 72 Cubans to the offices of Acayucan, Veracruz to answer the number of paperwork.

Currently, around 400 Cuban migrants are in camp outside the Human Rights Commission of Chiapas , hoping that tomorrow they will receive a response regarding expediting their departure and avoid being deported to their country of origin.

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