The city works on the redesign and arborization of the Central Park of Mazatlán


The landscaper Tonatiuh Martínez is in charge of the project

MAZATLAN. – Much has been said that the Central Park (formerly Bosque de la Ciudad) left behind its concept of nature to implement a more architectural and urban style, which caused it to have been highly criticized since its inauguration, but that could be left behind with the redesign project of this place.

The mayor Édgar Augusto González Zataráin informed that the area is under a design study for its arborization and rearrangement, being the renowned landscaper Tonatiuh Martínez, in charge of carrying out said work.

It is intended to change the image of the tourist attraction to make it more like a Central Park, that is, with more flora, but not just any plant, but rather that its green areas are larger than the urban ones and thus play an important recreational, environmental, and cultural role.

“A landscaper is working, who is a specialist in the subject of forests and parks. He has already worked here and in Mexico City, he has already done a project and he is going to present it to us and we are going to work on that. In fact, there is already a project that comes from the last administration, but it brings a lot of concrete and what we don’t want is to put more concrete in it, they committed a crime by having put so much in a Central Park”.

Within the project it is contemplated to add endemic vegetation that promotes water saving.

The most important thing is that once the design of the project is finished, the request of many Mazatlecos will continue so that pets can enter the park without any problem, something that is not allowed at the moment.

“The issue of pets is integral, it is part of the project, so I would like to have already started it, but the issue is that we have to comply with all these procedures because things cannot be done with occurrences.”

According to the design criteria of these green spaces, they must be simple:

Trees, shrubs, and grass areas should be located so that shady areas alternate with areas in the sun; Paved, equipped areas for playing and resting should be provided.

In addition, these can be characterized by subdivision into areas with different functions (rest, play, sports activities, services, cultural and recreational centers).

Source: Punto