This is the story of taco gobernador, the best taco in the world according to Taste Atlas


The prestigious culinary magazine Taste Atlas compared 21 varieties of tacos, but it was the gobernador tacos that took the ranking

The prestigious culinary magazine Taste Atlas compared 21 varieties of tacos, from basket, egg, bean and cheese tacos, to roast tacos, head, Arab tacos, among others, and rated them with stars.

At the top of the ranking, at number 1, above the al pastor taco and the roast beef taco, is the taco gobernador, a 100 percent Sinaloan creation, with 36 years of history.

History of taco gobernador

If there is a typical Sinaloan dish, it is this taco, and the fact is that the recipe is very simple, so much so that, according to, the history of these famous tacos dates back to 1987, 36 years ago, when the then governor of Sinaloa, Francisco Labastida, planned a visit to Los Arcos restaurant, located in Mazatlán. From the moment the owner, Eduardo Angulo, found out about the reservation, he began to think of ways to surprise the governor, who was a recurring client of the place.

Walking from here to there, the businessman recalled a conversation in which Labastida told him that his wife prepared some tacos with shrimp machaca that she loved. With that idea in mind, the chef of Los Arcos and Eduardo did several tests until they found a great taco made with shrimp machaca, cheese, and a golden corn tortilla on a griddle.

The day came and the then governor arrived at Los Arcos with his entire staff, they enjoyed a great meal and when he asked the name of the tacos (which until then they did not have), Eduardo quickly replied: “Tacos Gobernador”. At that moment, a concept was born that would be replicated throughout Mexico and would evolve, substituting smoked marlin for shrimp, corn tortilla for flour, and adapting to the taste of each diner.