Beaches near Mazatlán that you can visit during Holy Week


From Elota to Escuinapa, the beaches of southern Sinaloa are less than an hour from Mazatlán

MAZATLAN. – If you love going to the beach, but you run away from the tumult, in the south of Sinaloa there are beaches that are rarely visited and are just over an hour away from Mazatlán, you will be there to return when the sun goes down without the need for look for a hotel.

Las Lupitas

Along the coastal area of Escuinapa there are beaches free of hotels and that only the people of Escuinapa enjoy, one of them is Las Lupitas, they are before reaching Teacapán and among its palm trees you can feel like you are on exotic and virgin beaches. Go prepared because there is nowhere to buy supplies.

You can get there by the free highway Mazatlán-Tepic in a time of almost 2 hours.

Las Cabras

This is one of the most famous beaches in Sinaloa, it is also in Escuinapa and it is famous for its Fiesta de Las Cabras that is celebrated in May, hundreds of people rent ramadas and sleep and eat there for several days, it is the tradition, but now for Easter it is an ideal place to have a good time.

It is the same highway and you can reach that beach in 1 hour and a half.

El Caimanero 

We went to Rosario. Its coastal promenade has the beach of El Caimanero and on the shore you can find a couple of restaurants that claim they have the best zarandeado fish, you can arrive early, be in the restaurant and enjoy the waves. If you go along the road to El Walamo you can enjoy the landscape.

You will be there in 1 hour.

Isla de la Piedra 

A traditional site in Mazatlán, we could not leave it off the list, because, although it is within the “Pearl of the Pacific”, it is a place with a lot of beach and after all the restaurants you will find spaces alone, where you can even camp. By boat or vehicle, this is an option.

If you go by car, the deviation is on the highway to the Mazatlán International Airport and it will take you at least 40 minutes.


This beach is north of Mazatlán, on the border with San Ignacio and is one of the favorite beaches for surfers, further north, the groups of surfers gather because of the size of the waves there are. It is rarely visited, but it is worth it because you will have a different scenario from the one you see every day.

You arrive at Mármol in less than half an hour by the Mazatlán-Culiacán highway and its access is by the bridge before reaching the booth, in the town you will follow the road to the sea and that’s it.

Barras de Piaxtla

San Ignacio has paradisiacal beaches and within the Protected Natural Area of the Meseta de Cacáxtla and without a doubt it has to be on your list of beaches to visit, precisely because of the environment in which it is located. It has bungalows and small houses to stay. There you can tour the lighthouse, take a boat ride to cross the rock of “La Ventana” or explore the cliffs and take nature photographs.

You arrive at Barras de Piaxtla by the deviation to Estación Dimas and it will take you only 1 hour to be on this beach. The only booth you will pay for will be the Marmol booth.

Hincha Huevos 

Before reaching Barras de Piaxtla, on the same road as Estación Dimas, you will find the deviation to go to this beach, it is a protected natural area, with dozens of sighting birds and a landscape that you can find in few places.

Celestino Gasca 

In one hour, on the Mazatlán-Culiacán highway and already in the municipality of Elota, is Celestino Gasca, they say it is the paradise of oysters, it is the second destination with the most hotels in Sinaloa only after Mazatlán they make you clear of the urban area and at night you can appreciate the starry sky.

It is a place very visited by surfers due to the size and movement of its waves.


On that same path you will find Ceuta beach. It has restaurants, hotels, villas and a boardwalk that you can travel by car or on foot. The activity of this beach is merely regional and one of the most famous.

In time it is just over 1 hour on the Mazatlán-Culiacán highway.