Mazatlan will have a new terminal to receive cruise ships passengers


MAZATLÁN.- The construction of a new terminal for cruise ships to arrive at the port, without affecting the cargo movement, was approved by the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and announced Friday by the Secretary of Communications and Transportation, Javier Jiménez Espriú, on his visit to this city.

“With pleasure, the extension of the Mazatlan dock would be done (…) it is already considered as a decision taken and the work is already being done for the design of the extension of the dock and that will have a much better positioning, you can receive commercial ships and cruise ships and that will serve everyone here, ”he said.

Given this good news, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres was pleased and assured that the new terminal will allow the implementation of a complementary program in the city, for a better stay of the cruise ship tourists.

“Your Excellency, because we already have a complementary plan, for the descent (cruise ship passengers) we welcome them here in Mazatlan with a friendly project for the tourist to travel amicably in addition to a first level station (…) I endorse that Mazatlan is going to convert in a very short time the best beach destination in the country, ”he said.

Jiménez Espriú informed that other road works will begin shortly in Mazatlan, and said the port is in the eye of the federal government.

“On Monday there will be a tender for access to El Quelite and we are already in the process, we already have the resources and it will be done, there are always procedures in the Ministry of Finance to solve, and we will quickly begin access to Stone Island (…) this is an area that deserves investment; what has been projected is to upgrade infrastructure for regional development, it is a beautiful region with enormous potential (…) Mazatlan is therefore in the view of the federal government, ”he concluded.

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