Netflix premiers “Tijuana”, the series that stains the image of the city


Netflix is ​​undoubtedly the most popular streaming service on the market, and when in Tijuana we learned that they would make a homologous series to our beloved city, we never imagined that they would take a sinister turn.

Instead of developing a good original story that unfolds in our Tijuana instead of Mexico City or typical Mexican locations of large productions,

Netflix decided to make a violent series that gives all the … image to Tijuana.

And it is not for denying the situation in the city, but instead of encouraging those aspects, why not better do something about our delicious taquitos? The tasty cheve? The Tijuane charism that distinguishes its citizens?

Well, with saying that with the pure tacos it is armed.

For those who did not know about the Tijuana series yet, here is the trailer.

Source: amotijuana

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