The Golden Zone of Mazatlán resurges in restaurant business


The restaurant owner Erick Mandujano Caro becomes the new president of CANIRAC Mazatlán and one of his challenges will be the union of the sector, but also the training of the service.

MAZATLAN. – There are three projects that are being consolidated in Zona Dorada and that the popularity of the place is about to be reborn with a gastronomic diversification that goes from taco shops to bistro restaurants, we are talking about Plaza Playa Pacífico, Camino al Mar and Isla Tres, said Erick Mandujano Caro.

The president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Seasoned Foods of Mazatlán mentioned that these three spaces will offer a gastronomic variety that will make the tourist, but also the local, walk through the Golden Zone and choose their best option to eat.

“There is a resurgence of the Golden Zone, since I can remember, the Golden Zone was an area where the local businessman turned around because it grew, but it also had its stagnation and reappeared with this embellishment, empty places that today they form three plazas… that generates flow in the Golden Zone”, he declared.

The businessman pointed out that retaking spaces that were available to turn them into places with a gastronomic offer, makes more local restaurants, but also chains and franchises, join.

“From seeing the Golden Zone alone, you can see movement and the Plaza Playa Pacífico is in one of the busiest geographical areas, there was nothing, it comes to give the area beautification and activity, some restaurants have already opened, and you can see a lot of movement”, he added.

To this, Mandujano Caro expressed, is added the growth of the gastronomic offer that is coming to Mazatlan to stay, mainly in three areas for everyone’s taste: the Historic Center area, the Golden Zone and La Marina.

The new president of CANIRAC added that Mazatlan is beginning to have a presence of international food such as Asian, European and, of course, American, with enterprising people, but also with restaurant chains that give the destination another level of offer to tourists.

The restaurant entrepreneur Erick Mandujano Caro was elected as the new president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Seasoned Foods, Mazatlán delegation, replacing Rodrigo Becerra Rodríguez.

Its work plan includes increasing membership, publicizing the many services provided by the chamber and working for the entire restaurant sector, not just members, so that it is a strong, united sector, beyond numbers.

Erick Mandujano is a businessman from Mazatlan and owner of the restaurant La Hamburguería, which currently has three branches, in La Marina, Reforma avenue and in Plaza Playa Pacífico.