What is sold the most by Amazon and Mercado Libre from Sinaloa


The Undersecretary of Economy reported that in the first stage there are more than 50 trained artisans who are already selling “Handmade” on these buying and selling platforms.

MAZATLAN. – The artisans in Sinaloa have already risen to a higher level and among the products that sell the most nationally and internationally through platforms such as Amazon and Mercado Libre are dehydrated mango, sauces, and embroidered clothing, reported the Undersecretary of Economic Development, Ahuizotl López Apodaca.

He mentioned that there are around 50 artisans already trained in a first stage, ranging from artisans who manufacture horse saddles, chile-based sauces and very Sinaloan-style and / or cleaning items.

“We have a specialized area for the artisans, we are supporting as long as they are identified, for local, national and international expos, we have that part; We have a program through Amazon where there is a very special space and conditions for national and international marketing”, he commented.

López Apodaca pointed out that the artisans and micro-entrepreneurs that are within this program have managed to sell two or even three times more virtually than physically when they are visited in their places of origin, since it is understood that technology has been the bridge of growth for their income.

He added that the first thing they consider for an artisan or micro-entrepreneur to enter the “Hecho a mano” program and be able to market it on platforms such as Amazon and Mercado Libre, is the feasibility of commercialization, that is, that it is easy to transport and therefore Of course, that doesn’t get rotten.

“There are products that you don’t get in a parcel, they are destroyed, the best seller I have in Mercado Libre is dehydrated mango, it sells a lot and the sauces, there is a market for sauces, everyone wants to try the sauces,” he said.

López Apodaca reported that the Ministry of Economy has signed agreements with the parcel sector, precisely to help artisans and micro-entrepreneurs to move their products without costing them so much, reducing the cost of parcels to 40 percent less. what the rate is normally.

Source: Punto.mx